Synergy is the result of combining the work of two artist named Fran Bull and Lourdes Figuera Vidal: "two matrices one work".

This is a cooperative project developed by two engraving artist women facing the mystery of an unknown result, they try to experiment with two quite distant plastic identities.

In this context Ferran Destemple has produced a video using the cut-up technique.

In this link you can see the short reportage about "Synergies" filmed by betevé.

The Synergies etchings have been created during the pandemic at the Barberà Printmaking workshop, thanks to the technical contribution of Virgili Barberà.






76 cm X 56 cm

Year: 2020

You can also see a video-sound piece composed for the exhibition by Ferran Destemple on his youtube channel. This piece is a remake of the T. S. Eliot poem "The Waste Land".